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November 2, 2021

Cornwall! You find yourselves with a brand-new professional Rugby team in one of the most storied and epic leagues on the planet. The next question is, how do youI start following this awesome league and sport? The answer is simple, your first step is to download Our League, the official app of the RFL. Once there you can sign up to a free membership. 

When you do that, don’t forget to select Cornwall RLFC as your favourite club and you will receive a discount on Cornwall RLFC tickets and merchandise.  What do you get as a member? You get access to multiple games a week, and special events. 

What info will you find on Our League? Schedules, Standings, highlights, news, exclusive video content and more.  

Looking to go even deeper? You can subscribe to the Super League YouTube Channel to see our future competition in action!

So remember, Our League is the RFL’s FREE Membership Scheme for all things Rugby League. With live weekly streamed games, prizes, full match centre, exclusive discounts and much more. Our League will cater for all of your Rugby League needs and help you get even more from the sport you love.

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