Cornwall RLFC


Cornwall RLFC Partner With Bartercard UK

February 15, 2023

Cornwall RLFC are delighted to announce that global trade exchange company Bartercard are to partner with the club for the 2023 Betfred League 1 season.

Bartercard’s branding will feature prominently on the club’s alternate playing strip which will be showcased to supporters this week, with the Choughs wearing the stunning ensemble in our season opener against Midlands Hurricanes on February 19.

On the club’s principal playing jersey, which was released last month to critical acclaim from supporters, players and the wider rugby league community, Bartercard will also receive significant exposure.

Bartercard is an innovative and forward-thinking company that is transforming traditional bartering into a modern business tool and using online technology, it has made it easier and more convenient for businesses to trade with each other. 

The ability to trade goods and services with businesses worldwide also opens new opportunities for growth and expansion. Bartercard is committed to helping businesses succeed and the partnership with Cornwall RLFC will bring many benefits for both parties.

Bartercard is making a big impact in the business world and is helping a large number of companies to trade their goods and services more efficiently. The fact that the hospitality industry is one of the many categories using Bartercard is also significant, as this is a key economic driver in Cornwall. 

The electronic recording of transactions and the monthly statement summarising those transactions makes it easy for members to keep track of their trading activities. The convenience of being able to transact quickly and easily using smartphones or other devices with online transactional capabilities is also a big plus. 

Bartercard also promote member businesses and maintain a dedicated business directory as it helps members to connect with other businesses and find new opportunities for trade. Bartercard is a well-designed platform that provides value to its members, and the partnership with Cornwall RLFC will only serve to increase its visibility and reach.

By working together, both Bartercard and Cornwall RLFC can make a positive impact on the local economy and help businesses in the area to succeed.

Rob Butland, Cornwall RLFC’s chief commercial officer, said: “I am delighted to welcome Bartercard into the Cornwall RLFC corporate family. 

“Our thanks go to Chris and the team for their support of one of the most talked about rugby league clubs in the game. This partnership is a significant deal for the region, with a truly global brand at the heart of hospitality and many other sectors in multiple countries around the world.

“Tens of thousands of business owners use Bartercard as an important part of their operation and we look forward to working with them in Cornwall and the South West throughout our partnership. 

“Relationships like this are of huge importance for the Duchy as we continue to raise the profile of rugby league, Cornwall RLFC and our business partners to a national and global audience.”

“It’s always exciting when Bartercard  comes together with a rugby league club for mutual success,” said Chris Kirby, chief executive officer of Bartercard UK. “We look forward to being of assistance with Cornwall RLFC to achieve their goals this season.

“Being the sponsor of the alternate playing strip is a great opportunity for Bartercard to be associated with the team and gain exposure among the club’s passionate fan base. The alternate strip is sure to be a hit with the supporters, and it will be exciting to see the team in action on the field wearing it for the first time. 

“I’m sure the fans will be eager to see the new strip when it’s revealed this week and in action during the game against Midlands Hurricanes on February 19.

“It is also great news for Bartercard to have their branding on the club’s principal playing jersey. This will give the company further exposure and recognition within the sport. This is a fantastic opportunity for Bartercard to associate themselves with the sport and reach a new audience. I hope the partnership will be a success for both Cornwall RLFC and Bartercard.”

To learn more about Bartercard and its services, visit:  or call 0800 840 6333 for further assistance.