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Cornwall RLFC – Injury Update

May 13, 2022

Cornwall RLFC physiotherapist Sam Wicketts – Patrick Tod

Club physiotherapist Sam Wicketts has provided an update on Cornwall players who are currently sat on the sidelines due to injury.

Aaron Thomson

“Aaron has a medial collateral ligament (MCL) strain and his knee is currently in a protective brace. He suffered the injury during the first half at Oldham and went off immediately.

“He’s spent a couple of weeks out already but thankfully it is just a strain meaning he should be back in contention for selection in about a month. “Aaron has started some simple movement exercises this week and we will see how he gets on by building his recovery slowly.”

Sam Gilder

“We thought that Sam may have fractured his eye-socket against Oldham. His eye was quite badly swollen but after he had an x-ray and the swelling went down, it revealed that there was no fracture.

“There was also no concussion meaning that he’s back to full fitness.”

Josh Tora

“Josh took a knock to his head in our last home match against Rochdale Hornets. He failed his HIA (head injury assessment) which meant he couldn’t play at Hunslet.

“If he passes a cognigram which completes the return to play protocols, he will also be back in contention for selection.”

Sam Snell

“Sam has got a tear of his right quad which forced him out during the warm-up at Hunslet. We are still assessing this and although we want to get him back quickly, he could be out for a while.”

Jack Ray

“Another player who was injured at Oldham, Jack fractured the third metacarpal on his left hand.

“We are not sure on a timescale for Jack’s return yet although the usual recovery time for an injury of this type is six weeks.”

We have also had a few general knocks that you would expect but thankfully, we came through the most recent two matches at home to Rochdale and away to Hunslet, relatively unscathed.