Cornwall RLFC


Club Statement: Workington Kick-Off Change

June 1, 2023

Cornwall RLFC can confirm that Sunday’s Betfred League 1 clash at Workington Town will now kick-off at 2.30pm.

This is one hour later than had been previously agreed by the two clubs, on October 20, 2022.

Yesterday, (Wednesday), the club received correspondence from Workington that the kick-off was 1.30pm as previously agreed.

We had carefully planned transport and accommodation arrangements around a 1.30pm kick-off, for this, the longest away match journey between two English clubs in professional sport.

However, just 20 minutes after Workington’s first email yesterday morning, confirming a kick-off at 1.30pm, they then sent further correspondence stating that the game could not kick-off at 1.30pm and needed to start at 3.00pm instead.

Reasons for this were given as the Workington ground safety officer could not make a 1.30pm kick-off. The early start would also mean a junior curtain raiser would not be able to go ahead. 

Workington also stated that they had not contacted the Rugby Football League (RFL) to advise them of this change in kick-off time as the individual responsible for this left the club months ago.

Cornwall RLFC places on record its frustration at this situation and the timing but after consultation with the RFL a compromise has been reached.

Workington will provide after match food and refreshments to be consumed on our coach so we can depart from Derwent Park quickly after full-time. 

The club thanks the RFL and Workington for finding a solution to a problem that was not of Cornwall’s making, and we look forward to visiting Cumbria this coming weekend.