Cornwall RLFC


Club Plan to Extend M62 Motorway

April 1, 2023

Cornwall RLFC can reveal the club will visit Parliament to lobby for support with our plans to expand the M62 into the Duchy.

The motorway, which currently spans 107 miles and connects Lancashire and Yorkshire, would provide Cornwall with a direct link to the heartland areas of rugby league.

Club officials will travel to the capital on April 31 to meet with Government minister Keith Lee, who has moved into the transport sector after previously working for the Foreign Office, advising Westminster on feline creatures, specifically Cougars.

The club will meet with Mr Lee to discuss funding options for the motorway extension, which, if successful, will see the Choughs reclassify as a heartland club in an expansion area.

Speaking ahead of this month’s meeting, Mr Lee said: “By extending the M62 to Cornwall, we are allowing the club and the sport to expand around the M62. I absolutely grasp the most basic lesson of this sport, it is an M62 sport and taking the motorway to Cornwall, with my support and influence coming to the fore, will ensure that this continues.”

Meanwhile, Cornwall’s head of fiction April Furst, who has joined the club recently from an elitist Cartel, added: “We have an open mind about the future and our spreadsheets back this exciting proposal 100 per cent. It will make Cornwall very much part of an open shop as currently, it is a closed one for the Choughs, with the club not currently connected to the M62.”

Updated 12.00pm, Saturday, April 1: The club would like to remind supporters that it is, of course, April Fool’s Day.